Medisport – Rehabilitation and Sports Centre

Medisport – Rehabilitation and Sports Centre 2016-12-12T16:04:01+02:00

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ul. Łabędzia 4, 20-335 Lublin



Spinal conditions, genitourinary disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, diseases of the nervous system, post-traumatic pains, venous and lymphatic oedemas, slow-healing wounds, trophic ulcers.


Rehabilitation and Sports Centre MEDISPORT offers a wide range of medical and rehabilitation services including neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation dedicated to both adults and children. The Centre cooperates with sports clubs and individual athletes in terms of extensive functional training, health rejuvenation, motor skills preparation and rehabilitation.

The Centre also provides specialised health clinics – orthopaedic, neurological, rehabilitation, general surgery and sports medicine.

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