Research and Development Centre is being created in Lublin

Copernicus Computing Sp. z o.o., a member of the Lublin Medicine – Medical & Wellness Cluster, has been selected for co-funding (of PLN 13,126,560.00) under the Smart Growth Operational Programme, measure 2.1: Support for Investments in R&D Infrastructure of Enterprises.

The funds received will be used to create a modern Research and Development Centre in Lublin along with a container data centre and a supercomputer with a processing power of 0.5 petaflops, entirely based on CPU power, with the possibility of combining itself with other computational clusters. The R & D Centre will carry out research in the field of optimising generation of the 3D images, including works on a proper rendering engine using CPU and GPU computing power.

It will be the most modern IT laboratory not only in the Municipality of Lublin, but also in south-eastern Poland. By using the infrastructure of the R&D Centre, you could conduct research in almost every field of knowledge. The project shall be initiated (the launch of tendering procedures) in June 2018.