Vision, mission, objectives

The vision

Lublin Medicine – Medical and Wellness Cluster is an integrated, strong, and innovative group of medical and wellness business entities. It therefore meets the requirements to be considered the Key National Cluster.

Mission statement

Lublin Medicine – Medical and Wellness Cluster aims to establish a network for developing and cementing relationships, sharing best practices to foster the development of the medical and wellness businesses in Lublin and Lublin Region.

Cooperating under the Cluster encourages innovation and enhances quality of healthcare services.

Activities undertaken by the Cluster result in increasing the number and scope of scientific research and commercialising them, as well as in development of entrepreneurship and medical tourism.

Strategic objectives of the Cluster

Objective 1: Increasing Lublin’s image in Poland and abroad as a place where the medical and wellness businesses are thriving. This involves creating and popularizing the “Lublin Medicine” brand and promoting healthcare.

Objective 2: Developing the organisational potential of the Cluster by combining competences and resources of the Cluster members as well as using opportunities relating to the development of the innovative economy based on medical knowledge.

Objective 3: Encouraging Cluster members to cooperate with each other in order to undertake research and implementation (B+R) activities; Supporting entrepreneurship development.

Objective 4: Promoting cooperation aimed at implementing medical tourism services.

Scope of Cluster’s activities

  • Creating the “Lublin Medicine” brand
  • Developing organisational potential
  • Promoting medical and wellness businesses from Lublin
  • Supporting B+R+I activities
  • Supporting entrepreneurship development
  • Developing medical tourism
  • Developing medical services of high quality which are based on demographic trends and social needs

The vision, mission statement, and strategic objectives of the Cluster are specified in the Strategy of Lublin Medicine – Medical and Wellness Cluster for the years 2015-2020 adopted by the Advisory Board of Lublin Cluster on its first seating on 11 May 2015.