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Cluster enterprises declared expenditures on R&D activities (2016-2019)

Pie chart with industrial property of Cluster Enterprises (trademarks 86, industrial designs 66, patents 23, utility models 14)
As of April 2019
Pie chart with industrial property of Universities in Cluster (patents 449, patent applications 361, trademarks 31, utility models 30, industrial designs 21)
As of August 2020

Innovation supporting projects

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Selected R&D projects implemented by the members of Lublin Cluster of Healthcare and Wellness Services

Leader – Prof. Grażyna Ginalska -Biochemy and Biotechnology Unit at Medical University of Lublin and Izabela Polkowska, PhD – Department of Veterinary Medicine at University of Life Sciences in Lublin

Partners – Medical University of Lublin and University of Life Sciences in Lublin.

Information – The project aims at identifying opportunities for applying bone-substituting compound for filling defects in laboratory animals’ bones. Taking the achieved results into consideration, it can be stated that the new-generation implanting material can be applied in dentistry, orthopaedics, and veterinary. NCN research grant no. N N308 582 440

Leader – Prof. Grażyna Ginalska – Medical University of Lublin (Biochemistry and Biotechnology Department) and Małgorzata Kiernicka, PhD – “New Dent Dentistry Clinic”

Partners – Medical University of Lublin, Medical Inventi S.A., and “New Dent Dentistry Clinic”.

Information – Bioethical Commission at Medical University of Lublin authorised the “New Dent Dentistry Clinic” to conduct clinical observation of the new biomaterial provided by Medical Inventi S.A. (dentistry surgery fillings). All cases are periodically assessed in clinical environment; application of this material for the aforementioned purposes did not produce any side effects.

Leader – SDS Optic Sp. z o.o.

Partners – SDS Optic Sp z o.o., Medical University of Lublin, University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Medical University of Wrocław, Polish Center for Photonics and Fiber Optics.

Information – R&D works will result in producing a prototype of a laser microprobe used for finding HER2 and CCL5 tumor indicators as well as for detecting medicine effect rate in treating tumours during developing tomour therapies. The innovaative technology being developed will be of international importance. SDS Optic aims to strengthen its position internationally in terms of scientific research and development works conducted in the fields covered in the project as well as to start exporting the aforementioned devices.

Leader – Maria Curie-Skłodowska Univeristy

Partners – Università degli Studi di Macerata, K.U.Leuven, Eurocentro.

Information – The EU-funded REINITIALISE project will assist Poland’s Maria Curie-Skłodowska University to innovate in the preservation of fundamental rights in the design and use of digital technologies for e-health services. The focus of this twinning initiative, which brings together researchers from Italy and Belgium, will be on health-oriented technologies for active ageing and prevention care in the sectors of nutrition and dietetics.

Representatives of Netrix – a member of the Lublin Medicine Cluster, and the City of Lublin as the coordinator of the Lublin Medicine Cluster, are members of the Project Innovation Council.

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