Project meeting as part of the ProVaHealth project – Vilnius

On 18-19th June 2018, in Vilnius, another project meeting took place as part of the ProVaHealth project – “Product Validation in Health”. The meeting was attended by office employees of the Lublin Medicine – Medical & Wellness Cluster representing the Municipality of Lublin – Project Partner.

During the meeting, partners from Lithuania (Vilnius University), Sweden (Innovation Skåne AB) and Finland (Oulu University of Appplied Science) presented good practices regarding cooperation with the SME sector. On 19th February 2018, we were provided with the opportunity to get familiar with the potential of the Faculty of Philosophy of Vilnius University which is one of the 14 living laboratories created as part of the ProVaHealth project. In addition, employees of the Cluster Office took part in the workshops related to the creation and use of the Business Model Canvas.

The congress in Vilnius was also a chance for partner talks and discussions on further tests of innovative solutions in the field of medicine and health, which are planned within the framework of the project.

The project is co-funded by the European Union under the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. The total project budget is 3,022,842 €. Eighteen organisations from eight countries of the Baltic Sea region are the project’s partners, including the Municipality of Lublin City, as the coordinator of the Lublin Medicine – Medical & Wellness Cluster. More information on the project and its activitiy can be found on the website: