ACCREA Engineering – member of the Lublin Medicine Cluster – among TOP 12 Medical Start-ups of 2021 at the MEDICA Trade Fair in Düsseldorf

ACCREA Engineering, a member of the Lublin Medicine Cluster, has been awarded the prestigious title of TOP 12 Medical Start-ups of 2021 during this year’s MEDICA 2021 medical technology fair in Düsseldorf. The recognition of the MEDICA Start-Up COMPETITION jury was won by the implemented vision of the Auxiliary Robotic Arm for Medicine based on the robotic technology developed by ACCREA, together with accompanying applications and specialised end-effectors, unique for each of the three use cases:

1) BATEO – wheelchair arm, for patients with severe upper and lower limb disabilities;

2) Solarbot – relieves the strain on medical staff during minimally invasive surgery by holding and motorising the movement of the laparoscopic camera around the trocar, as well as safely gripping additional equipment such as magnetic grippers and retraction tools. This reduces the fatigue of additional support staff and the risk of medical errors.

3) RoPuc – CT-based robotic needle guidance for biopsy and ablation. Designed for cancer diagnosis and treatment, reducing complications and costs.

ACCREA Engineering is a Lublin-based company specialising in the development of robotic technology, particularly in the field of medical robotics. Since 2018, the company has been working to develop its proprietary robotic arm for use in wheelchairs. In 2021, ACCREA achieved ISO 13485 certification and successfully marketed the arm as a Class I medical product under the new MDR directive.