Górnik Łęczna Sports Academy Foundation


ul. Jana Pawła II 13
21-010 Łęczna




As part of the received national funding, the Foundation implements a project aimed at building the Innovative Centre for Research, Analysis and Diagnostics of Movement and Motor Potential of Competitors. The Centre will carry out research and development works, including among others:

  • determining the predispositions of competitors in terms of a given sport discipline;
  • athletic injury prevention (including injury risk assessment);
  • monitoring of competitors doing team sports (training load, energy expenditure, number of sprints and their length, distance, movement speed, metabolic load);
  • isokinetic and functional evaluation of competitors;
  • physical fitness tests and assessment;
  • conducting a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the movement apparatus, the neuromuscular system efficiency as well as neuromuscular control;
  • assessment of the competitors’ motor skills and potential;
  • assessment and analysis of the performance power of upper and lower limbs;
  • evaluation and analysis of speed, reaction and perception;
  • developing individual and team training plans;
  • developing individual sets of training exercises supporting recovery after injury;
  • early detection of dysfunctions adversely affecting further sports career development.