Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation


ul. Czartoryskich 8
24-100 Puławy



Research Institute reporting to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. In 2005, Institute obtained the status of a state research institute. Directions of research are: soil science, fertilization, soil cultivation, cultivation of cereals and forage plants, biomass production for energy purposes, breeding and cultivation of hops and tobacco, selected issues from phytochemistry and agricultural microbiology, evaluation of various management systems, regulation of weed infestation in agricultural crops, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, bioeconomy.

Research works are carried out in 11 research plants and 8 Agricultural Experimental Plants located in different regions of Poland. The Institute has a modern laboratory base, enriched with the Innovation and Scientific Center for Agricultural Research put into use in 2015, in which all laboratories and modern equipment are grouped.