NZOZ Med-Laser Borzęcki sp. j.


ul. Młyńska 14 A, 20-406 Lublin



Laser and surgical treatments in aesthetic surgery, surgical and laser tumour removal, laser treatment of genital ailments, applying IPL in hair and skin stain removal, rejuvenation treatment, dermabrasion with frational CO2 laser – rejuvenation treatments, laser treatment of scars and vascular changes, paten baldness treatment, vitiligo treatment with frictional laser, skin microtransplantation.


Med-Laser private healthcare centre holds dermatology consultations Additionally, it provides dermatological and cosmetic medicine treatments. Patients suffering from chronic skin disorders can be treated in Day Care Unit where balneotherapy treatments are provided, e.g. brine bath, hydrogen sulphide bath, therapeutic sulfur mask, and photothearpy (PUVA lamp, UVB 311nm. TP 4 for PUVA-bath). Moreover, Med-Laser owns 8 beds in 2-person rooms fully equipped with sanitary appliances.