OVUM Reproductive Medicine and Andrology Sp. z.o.o


ul. Konopnica 85F, 21-030 Motycz




It carries out activities focusing on diagnostics and treatment of infertility, diagnostic tests and procedures for assisted reproduction (insemination with both partner and donor’s sperm), in vitro fertilization, semen analysis extended according to WHO standards, penetration tests: the Kurzrok-Miller cervical mucus test for cervical hostility and the postcoital test, immunoassays (MAR-test) and advanced semen processing.


Specialist Medical Centre OVUM carries out medical activities in the field of gynaecology, infertility treatment, urology, endocrinology. It provides specialist advice concerning infectious diseases and runs Sexology and Andrology Clinics. Furthermore, the Centre offers hormonal, immunological and genetic tests as well as diagnostics for early detection of neoplastic lesions.