Terpa [Women Health Care Private Facility]


ul. Pogodna 34, 20-333 Lublin




Gynaecology, child gynaecology, ambulant gynaecology treatments (e.g. ambulant histeroscopy), obstetrics, sexology, dermatology, aesthetic medicine, endocrynology, diabetology, surgery (general, oncology, vascular), coloretal surgery, ultrasonography (breasts, thyroid, abdominal cavity), clinical immunology, podology, infertility treatment, treatment of urogenital ailments.


Gabinety Terpa was established in December 2008 and its activities are focused on obstetrics, child gynaecology, and sexology. Another field of Terpa’s activities involves aesthetic medicine, endocrynology, clinical immunology, surgery, and oncology. As part of ambulant surgery, patients are provided with medical support in anus ailments and venous failures, whereas as part of ambulant care, Gabinety Terpa diagnoses and treats uterus cervix and vulva.   Particular focus is placed on diagnosing and treating women with urogenital ailments, including pain felt during sexual activity (dyspareunia and vulvodynia). Company also offers pain therapies with biofeedback, which is applied in muscule and pelvis rehabilitation.