The second meeting of Lublin Medicine – Medical and Wellness Cluster on the InnoTest project

On 12h January 2018, the second meeting was held within the framework of the InnoTest project, carried out by the Lublin Medicine Cluster. The aim of the project is to build common knowledge of the community on innovation in medicine and health, taking into account technical and organisational conditions and their legal implementations in medical practice.

The meeting took place at the headquarters of Blue Fox Sp. z o.o., member of the Cluster, and it was an opportunity to get acquainted with the company’s advanced verification process, entailing concepts, products and marketing communication facilitated on the basis of biometric research, i.e. examining consumer’s real, uncontrollable responses at the nervous system level (EEG, eyetracking, facial expression, GSR).

The meeting was attended by office employees and representatives of the Cluster members. Bearing in mind the growing experience of the Cluster in the area of functional food, we discussed the product “Kropla zdrowia”, which is the outcome of “A pilot line for production of rapeseed oil with unique health-promoting properties” project, carried out by the Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences in Lublin, with financial support of the European Union and the Republic of Poland under the Operational Programme: Innovative Economy, Priority Axis 1: Research and development of modern technologies, Measure 1.3 Support for R&D projects for entrepreneurs carried out by scientific entities, Sub-measure 1.3.1 Development projects.