Meeting of the Medical Tourism Team

At the Cluster office, another meeting of the Medical Tourism Team was held on 9th January 2018. During the meeting, information on the ProVaHealth project, implemented by the Municipality of Lublin as part of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund, was presented by Marzena Strok-Sadło, Project Manager and Management Board Member of Lublin Medicine – Medical & Wellness Cluster.

The subject matter of the meeting was also to present the concept of the conference “Health and Medical Tourism Summit Eastern Europe 2018” prepared by the Lublin Medicine Cluster, which will take place on 12th June 2018 in Lublin. In order to efficiently coordinate activities related to the event, the participants of the meeting initiated and established a team that will support the Cluster office in organising the conference.

Cluster members who participated in the meeting also received information on trade fairs planned for 2018, related to medical tourism, including trade fairs in Tel Aviv, Minsk, Moscow, Berlin, London, Stockholm, Milan or Dubai. The schedule of the fair was presented by Mr. Robert Mazur, Medical Tourism Team Leader.

In addition, Cluster Marketing and Promotion Team Leader conducted a preliminary consultation concerning internationalisation and marketing strategies of the Lublin Lubelska Medicine Cluster for Lublin Medicine – Medical & Wellness Cluster for the years 2018-2025.