BIOMED-LUBLIN Serum and Vaccine Production Plant S.A.


ul. Uniwersytecka 10, 20-029 Lublin



One of the most known and oldest biotechnological companies in Poland. It has been operating in the pharmaceutical sector since 1944. It is a manufacturer of therapeutic preparations (obtainable by prescription and OTC), medical products and laboratory reagents. It manufactures more than 60 products in a wide range of products.

The key products of the company are Lakcid and Distreptaza Lacdid and Discreptaza probiotics and hematogenous products. BIOMED-LUBLIN is the only manufacturer and supplier of anti-tuberculosis vaccine BCG 10 on the domestic market.

The company together with LFB BIOMEDICAMENTS conducts blood plasma fractionation in Poland thus manufacturing innovative hematogenous medicine such as immunoglobulin Namogy 5%, albumin Fortalbia and blood coagulation factors.

On each manufacturing stage, the products of BIOMED-LUBLIN are developed in compliance with the highest world standards, based on ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 and GMP certificates.

The company cooperates with numerous scientific centres, both in the area of developing new products, manufacturing technology and broadening the scope of application of manufactured products. The company cooperates with business partners in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and South America.