Medical Inventi S.A.


ul. Wincentego Witosa 16, 23-315 Lublin



Commercialisation of scientific research implemented for prevention and protection of human health.

The company MEDICAL INVENTI was established as a business initiative by the academic environment of the Medical University of Lublin and with the use of private capital in order to commercialise scientific research connected with prevention and protection of human health.

Currently, the company’s activity centres on the process of commercialising the legally protected invention called “Bioactive composite and the method of its manufacturing” and the patent for the invention “Bioactive composite containingantibacterial medicine and the method of its manufacturing.” In the biomaterial developed by MEDICAL INVEMNTI, hydroxyapatite bioceramics was connected with sugar polymers producing apreparation that can be easily formed into fittings, which once soaked in saline solution or patient’s blood develop plastic properties. Additionally, the preparation can be saturated with antibacterial substances and/or substances stimulating tissue growth, thus providing scaffolding for osteoblasts. The biomaterial being developed will find application as an innovative bone substitute in regenerative medicine.