Medical University of Lublin


Al. Racławickie 1, 20-059 Lublin


Medical research areas:

Oncology, haemato-oncology, neuroregeneration, addictions (pharmacology), medical chemistry – drug design, oncology and cancer genetics, molecular biology.

Commercial specialisations:

The Medical University of Lublin provides services in dependent entities: Public healthcare Centre 1, Public healthcare Centre 4, Children’s University Hospital, Dentistry Clinic.


The Medical University of Lublin is a public higher education institution established under government order of 24 October 1949. It carries out scientific and research activities, provides education to graduate and doctoral students in medical, pharmaceutical and health science programs. Additionally, it provides medical care in independent public healthcare centres. For 65 years, Alma Mater has been carrying out its mission: “to provide healthcare services” and “to protect health.”