Witold Chodźko Institute of Rural Health in Lublin


ul. Jaczewskiego 2, 20-090 Lublin



Commercial specialisations:

Specialist and highly specialist medical services including prevention, diagnosis, healthcare, rehabilitation, function tests, diagnostic services provided by Zoonotic Diseases Unit and Allergology and Environmental Threats Unit, issuing opinions on food marketed for the first time, conducting mycological analyses – identifying fungus species in buildings and food.


Institute of Rural Health in Lublin is a scientific unit providing nationwide treatment services aiming at protecting health condition of people residing in rural areas as well as at improving hygienic and sanitary conditions in rural areas.
The institute is a legal entity supervised by Polish Ministry of Health.
The Institute carries out activities aiming at protecting people’s health, especially health condition of the residents of rural areas. Particular focus is placed on individuals employed in agriculture and forestry.