Workgroup leader – Dariusz Dumkiewicz – owner in Wschodnia Grupa Doradcza consulting company and Chairman of the Management Board in Pracownia Badań i Ewaluacji Sp. z o. o. Since 2002, Mr Dumkiewicz has been dealing with EU funds and regional development in both private and public organisations and companies. He has participated in a number of research programmes and cluster projects. Mr Dumkiewicz is a member of small and medium enterprise committees at Polish Chamber of Commerce.

The workgroup for financing projects implemented in the Cluster from EU funds is responsible for the following:

  1. Initiating jointly implemented projects and undertakings financed from EU funds;
  2. Monitoring availability of EU funds and other budgetary and non-budgetary methods of financing activities undertaken by Cluster members;
  3. Analysing opportunities for acquiring EU funds for financing projects implemented by the Cluster;
  4. Initiating international cooperation projects and providing support in their implementation;
  5. Networking with other clusters in terms of acquiring funds from external sources of financing;
  6. Providing support in establishing partner relations;
  7. Providing support in development of start-ups, spin-offs, and spin-outs by acquiring financial means;
  8. Advising in fund acquisition;
  9. Organising training workshops on acquiring EU funds for the Cluster;

Team leader – Robert Mazur – Chairman of the Management Board in WatraTravel Sp. z o. o.; Lecturer in Maria Curie Skłodowska University and Vincent Pol University in Lublin, Deputy Chairman of Lublin Regional Tourism Organisation and Regional Tourism Chamber in Lublin, Member of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, Visitor Tourism Forum at Polish Tourism Organisation, and the Polish Chamber of Tourism in Warsaw. Mr Mazur is the author of model tourism programmes which he also organised in Poland and abroad. Additionally, he is also an author of teaching aids for tourism service. Expert cooperating with government and local government bodies. Member of the Lublin Cluster of Healthcare and Wellness Services.

Team Leader –  Marzena Strok-Sadło – senior adviser in Department of Strategy and Investor Relations in the City of Lublin Corporation. Mrs Strok-Sadło has long experience in assessing credit risk as well as managing projects, teams, and sales processes, which she gained while being employed on managerial positions in financial institutions, e.g. in BRE Bank S.A., Deutsche Bank Polska S.A., BPH S.A., Svenska Handelsbanken AB S.A. Member of the Management Board of Lublin Medicine- Medical and Wellness Cluster

Responsibilities of the Medical Tourism Team:

  1. Coordinating actions undertaken by the Cluster members and aimed at developing inbound medical tourism in Lublin and Lublin Province;
  2. Undertaking actions aimed to foster relationships and cooperation of Cluster members, local authorities, business and professional self-government bodies, as well as individuals, institutions, and organisations interested in developing tourism (including medical tourism) in Lublin and Lublin Province;
  3. Coordinating the development of product offers and carrying out marketing actions concerning the Cluster;
  4. Encouraging cooperation among Cluster members and other companies, institutions, and organisations with the aim to improve the quality of tourism services and infrastructure in Lublin and Lublin Province;
  5. Initiating processes aiming to master Cluster members’ skills (sharing knowledge and best practices, advising, training workshops);
  6. Undertaking activities aiming to establish a coherent, unified, and high-quality tourist information system in Lublin and Lublin Province;
  7. Undertaking international cooperation activities within tasks performed by the Team.

Team Leader – Andrzej Witek – medicine doctor, health protection manager, Chairman of the Management Board in CenterMed Group. Mr Witek graduated from the Medical University of Lublin and has over 20 years of experience in healthcare management. He established the MedCluster and the Polish Medicine Association in which he chairs. Mr Witek is the member of the Lublin Medicine Medical and Wellness Cluster. Areas of interest: e-health, Senior Policy, clustering in healthcare.

Responsibilities of the Senior Policy Team:

  1. Formulating the senior policy and expressing opinions on its assumptions;
  2. Analysis of needs demonstrated by 50+ citizens in terms of health protection and social care;
  3. Developing cooperation models for health protection and social care;
  4. Undertaking actions aiming to implement the idea of the Health City – a senior-friendly city based on EU and WHO guidelines;
  5. Developing standards for support services provided to senior citizens;
  6. Cooperating with non-government organisations and institutions set forth in art. 3 of the Public Benefit and Volunteer Work Act of 24 April 2003 as well as with other institutions in terms of activities carried out by the Team;
  7. Coordinating activities undertaken by Cluster members aiming to develop innovative health protection- and social care-related solutions provided to senior citizens;
  8. Undertaking international cooperation activities relating to the tasks carried out by the Team.

The team is managed by the members of staff of the Lublin Medicine – Medical & Wellness Cluster Office.

Duties of the Medical Engineering Technology Team (Medical Biotechnology included):

  1. Coordinating works, especially in the following areas defined in the National Intelligent Specialisation no. 1: researching and developing new treatment products, researching and developing diet supplements and groceries of special purpose, biocomputer science, synthetic biology in medicine, artificial parts of body, regeneration medicine technologies, telemedicine technologies, tools applied in computer medicine, material technologies applied in medicine, as well as medical technology, equipment, and products;
  2. Identifying infrastructural, research (equipment), and HR resources available in Lublin Region which are necessary for developing the aforementioned areas;
  3. Identifying key projects, supporting leaders in establishing consortia, finding sources of financing;
  4. Supporting entrepreneurship, including start-ups, spin-offs, and spin-outs.
  5. Entering into international cooperation in medical engineering technology being of utmost importance for development of the Cluster and its members.

Team leader – Justyna Orzeł-Szczepańska – Head of Puławy Science and Technology Park.
Graduated from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin and The Warsaw School of Economics. Since 2009 – professionally active in Municipal Government Administration of the City of Puławy. Member of the board in Puławy Science and Technology Park.  Founder of Parks of Eastern Poland Association
Member of the Management Board in Lublin Cluster of Business Environment Institutions.

Duties of the Ecosystem of Puławy Science and Technology Park:

  1. Creating a substructure of Lublin Medicine – Medical & Wellness Cluster in Puławy Science and Technology Park.
  2. Undertaking actions aimed at developing the environment in terms of B+R+I, supporting entrepreneurship development, and providing assistance in carrying out activities in which PSTP participates;
  3. Cooperating with members of Lublin Medicine – Medical & Wellness Cluster with the aim of implementing projects as well as organising conferences and training workshops;
  4. Cooperating with members of Lublin Medicine – Medical & Wellness Cluster, including Cluster Coordinators with the aim of using research facilities, equipment and staff located in Lublin Region efficiently.

Team Leader – Mariusz Szmit, Head of Sales and Marketing Department in Nałęczów Spa and Healthcare Centre
Graduated from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and Lublin Business School (University of Central Lancashire) Mr Szmit has got long experience in management (President of the Management Board in MOSiR “Bystrzyca” and Perła – Lublin Brewery as well as Marketing Director in Perła – Lublin Brewery and Cersanit). Lecturer in Łazarski University in Warsaw, business consultant and trainer (PMG Consulting). He specialises in marketing strategies, business strategies, project management, and sales management.

Responsibilities of the Cluster Marketing and Promotion Team:

  1. Developing marketing strategy for Lublin Medicine – Medical & Wellness Cluster;
  2. Coordinating actions aimed at marketing the Cluster;
  3. Coordinating actions aimed at preparing joint offers of Cluster members, e.g. medical tourism offers for incoming visitors;
  4. Coordinating actions aimed at Cluster members participating in fairs and trade missions;
  5. Cooperating with Cluster coordinators in organising conferences and training workshops aimed at sharing best practices and developing Cluster members’ competences.

Team Leader – Associate Professor, Piotr Majcher, M.D. – Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist, 2nd grade Head of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Department in Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, and Balneotherapy. Chair in Medical University of Lublin. Head of Rehabilitation Centre in St. John’s Cancer Centre in Lublin Member and Vice President in Polish Rehabilitation Society. Chairman of the Cancer Rehabilitation Section. Regional Consultant in Medical Rehabilitation in Lublin Region. Medical Consultant and Plenipotentiary Responsible for Scientific and Academic Development in Nałęczów Spa and Healthcare Centre. Member of Scientific Board in National Institute of Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Academic supervisor responsible for medical rehabilitation training courses for doctors delivered in Postgraduate Medical Centre in Warsaw. Member of Medical Rehabilitation National Examination Committee. Member of teams and committees supervised by Minister of Health, Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education, and State Consultant in Medical Rehabilitation.

Duties of the RehabilitationTeam:

  1. Undertaking actions aimed at developing medical rehabilitation in Lublin Region (orthopaedic, cardiological, and oncological rehabilitation included);
  2. Cooperation with Medical Tourism Team;
  3. Cooperating with Cluster coordinators and Cluster Office staff in organising conferences and training workshops;
  4. Identifying and integrating Cluster members providing rehabilitation and physiotherapy services;
  5. Coordinating Cluster’s cooperation with Student Scientific Physiotherapy Group in Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Department in Medical University of Lublin.

Team Leader – Renata Kowalik – Manager in “Dental” Dentistry Clinic. In dentistry for over 18 years. In the years 1998-2001 Kowalik cooperated with Polish Orthodontic Society. Lecturer in “Żak Science and Business Centre” and “AP Edukacja.” She delivered workshops in medical services for students of Medical University of Lublin as well as specialisation lectures for dentists.

Duties of the Dentistry Team:

  1. Indentifying patients’ needs in terms of dentistry tourism;
  2. Sharing knowledge and best practices with the aim of developing customer service skills;
  3. Undertaking actions aimed at popularising and marketing dentistry services;
  4. Cooperating with other teams with the aim of producing joint packages of medical tourism services;
  5. Cooperating with international entities in carrying out Cluster’s tasks.

Team Leader – Dr Rafał Henryk Kartaszyński – managing director at Pro-Project Henryk Kartaszyński company. A graduate of Strategic Leadership Academy. He obtained  Technical Science Ph.D. in Medical IT from Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, MBA degree from Lublin University of Technology and The University of Illinois and a Master of Science degree (specialisation: medical IT) from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. Dr Kartaszyński is an author of numerous research papers and reviews published in Polish and international journals.

Pro-Project is the only Polish company that designs and produces device and software used to test and control quality of diagnostic imaging and radiology equipment intended for medical and industrial purposes. It is the main supplier of phantoms for such companies as Raysafe, Fluke Biomedical and RTI. Currently Pro-Project offers 150 hardware components of its own production and specifically designed software. It began its international expansion in 2009. At present the company has representatives in 105 countries and the level of export sales in 2016 exceeded 60 %. Since 2015 the company has been running its own office in the United States.