Prof. dr hab. Grażyna Ginalska

Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of the Medical University of Lublin, President of the Management Board of Medical Inventi Spółka z o.o. (30th May 2011 – 8th February 2015), President of the Management Board of Medical Inventi S.A. (up to 1st August 2015) – a company, established in order to commercialise  inventions implemented to prevent and protect human health. She is a co-author of the invention concerning an innovative two-phase composite intended for filling bone defects, caused by mechanical injuries or disease processes. Prof. dr  n. farm. Grażyna Ginalska received many awards and distinctions for commercialising the legally protected invention called “Bioactive composite and the method of its manufacturing”, including: the prestigious World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Award for women-inventors (2013), Grand Prix of Europe France Inventors (2013), Gold medal with mention on the 62nd World Exhibition on Inventions, Research and New Technologies “Brussels Innova” 2013 in Brussels, Award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for distinguished inventive achievements on the international stage (2014). Moreover, she was awarded: Woman-Inventor of the Year, 4th Edition of the Competition of Polish Patent Office (2011), Woman of the Lublin Region in the field of science (2011), the Medal of the Mayor of Lublin for the work and involvement for health care (2012),  prize winner of the 8th Bene Meritus Terre Lublinensi Competition in the category “Science” (2013), Prize winner of the Competition INNOVATION CREATORS 2014 in the category „New Technologies” (2014) Diploma winner of the “Innovator” competition in the category: „Innovator of Business and Science”, 4th Gala of Science and Business, by Pracodawcy Lubelszczyzny „Lewiatan”, Prestige Award “Reputation of the Year 2013” in the category: Inventor, “Prestige – economic relations”, by Ministry of Economy (2014), Economic Prize of the Mayor of Lublin 2014 in the category: “Innovation” (2014), Prize winner of the Competition INNOVATION CREATORS 2014 in the category „New Technologies”, Scientific Prize of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin for the research in the field of „Hydroxyapatite-polymer implantation material of the new generation developed for regeneration medicine” (2014), Gold Medal of Polish Success Academy for synthesis of bone-substitute biomaterial – “artificial bone” (2015), Gold and Silver Cross of Merit, Medal of the National Education Commission and honorary badge for her merits for health protection. Last but not least, she also received the Medal of the Medical University in Lublin for the remarkable contribution in the scientific development (2015).